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When To Use A Mini Dumper

There's plenty of mini Dumpers on the market but at Bay Hire NSW we only stock the best. We run the Cormidi C85 straight out of Italy. High Performance - High Power.

These Dumpers are utilized daily in the Construction and Landscaping industries and for good reason. Being able to carry up to 800 kg up a 20 degree slope on all terrain and lift up to 1500 mm and tip into the back of a truck/ trailer etc you can see why.

Doing the work of 10* Men and not even stopping for lunch!

Mini Dumpers are ideal for tight access excavation work, concrete removal, spoil removal, landscaping, back filling etc being only 850 mm wide but can be also be utilized for bringing materials in as much as they can be for removing materials such as moving stonework, pavers, mulch, fill sand, demolition waste etc.

We also like to utilize the mini dumper for small concrete pours with a load capacity of 800 kg and 0.36 Cubic metres you can reduce the need for concrete pumps with a high minimum cost for smaller pours using the mini dumper to efficiently place concrete in a fast and efficient way at a fraction of the price of a concrete pump.

Being designed to save time and money and make life easier why wait, call us now for Mini Dumper hire in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens area.

Easy to drive with easy to learn controls and a fold away platform for operator to ride on.

We can deliver locally so you don't have to worry about transporting if you don't want to. We also hire large capacity Tipper Trailer that pairs well for material removal.


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